INTERVIEW: Overwhelming Black and White Fashion Photography by Marco Tenaglia

Marco Tenaglia 14

Portrait and Fashion Photographer Marco Tenaglia incorporates his unique blend of in your face camera angles and high energy composition to produce his stunning trademark style. Marco Tenaglia’s bold and intriguing photographic vision is the result of a mixture of both contemporary and classic styles. The photographer lives and works between Rome and New York.

Renowned for being easy to work with, Marco ensures a comfortable, friendly but professional atmosphere for every production. His deep knowledge of photographic techniques together with his vast experience make him the right choice for a hassle-free shoot that is guaranteed to exceed clients’ needs and expectations. All of his photographs are photoshop-free because: “My philosophy is that a great photographer shouldn’t need to retouch his photographs“.

What’s your creative process like?

It’s so easy that maybe I don’t even have a creative process. In Italy I closely work with my friend Maurizio Andreuccetti, a great fashion illustrator and stylist. We just talk a lot discussing about fashion and photography, and ideas come out so easily. When I’m out of Italy I do the same but I don’t give other stylists the same space I give to Maurizio who is irreplaceable.
So, I (or we) get the idea, plan the shoot, I personally follow the styling together with Maurizio, plan the makeup and hair, choose the model, the location. Everything. So the day of the shoot, things are easier, and thanks to my team I can concentrate on the model only. I don’t use an incredible equipment or a particular camera, I don’t need it to create a photo. And when the work is done, I just select the photographs and that’s it.  They’re ready. I don’t use any retouch. Photoshop for me is like a real/virtual dark room, good to adjust some contrasts, or burn and masks some parts of the photos, I mean the typical actions of an old dark room. Actually I am a photographer not a photoshopographer.

Where do you find inspiration and why you like photography?

Well, I don’t know why I like photography, if you ask me why do you like strawberries I would answer the same, I don’t know I just like them. Photography is just in me, it’s my natural way to express myself. And I can be inspired by the everyday life, or by a movie, a clip, another photograph, actually most of the times women inspire me! I love to photograph them pulling out a strong personality that they even don’t know to have, indeed.

What are some tips you could give to people that really like your work?

Study, study, study… culture is the base to develop your own style. Look at the photography of master photographers, and even though you use digital, think as you use film. Limit the use of retouching, learn how to shoot a good photo, not how to build an image at photoshop, that’s not a photo it’s only an image, a fake. And don’t give out your work for free, even if you’re at the beginning, ask for money. Beside the fact that this work is based on passion, it’s still a work and you must make a living with your work. Remember that if you give out your photos for free, then it means you value yourself like a zero. Learn to say no to clients who want you for free or for ridiculous fees.


Mr. Marco, we would like to thank you for sharing your vision about photography and some of your inspiring pictures with our audience. We would like to congratulate you for all your work, your great team that helps you a lot, and when you will launch a new project don’t hesitate to send us an email, and we will promote it on the blog.

Marco Tegnalia fans can follow him and his work also on his Facebook page.


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  1. I love his tips….the idea to think as if you are using film and to limit your use of photoshop is so so true! Awesome interview.

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